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I realise, after reading some other answers that I read ‘neutron’ as ‘nucleus’ for some reason.

Let me try to correct then my last answer:
So we have the 2 formulae:
vec{mû}_S = (mu/S hbar) vec{\Hat{S}}
vec{mû}_S = (g e/2m) vec{\Hat{S}}

For an eletron, the last formula is:
vec{mû}_S = (g u_B/ hbar) vec{\Hat{S}}
A neutron is around 1836 times heavier than an electron, and thus for the neutron:
vec{mû}_S = (g u_B/1836 hbar) vec{\Hat{S}}

Equating the 2 formulae we have:
mu/S hbar =g mu_B/1836 hbar <=> mu = g mu_B S /1836
We are give that g = -3.826, and have S=1/2. So we have:
mu = -0.00104 mu_B