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    Jonas Hillen

    There are three main contributions to the hyperfine field: the orbital contribition, the spin dipolar contribution and the fermi cotact contribition.

    1) The orbital contribution:
    Place the child at the edge of the carousel holding the chared ball onto the carousel and measure the field at the center of the carousel using the magnetometer. This would be the orbital contribition as the orbting charged ball represents the electron creating a current around the nucleus.

    2) The spin dipolar contribution
    let the child hold a bar magnet now and measure the magnetic field die to the bar magnet in the middle of the carousel. This would be the dipolar contribition of the eletron creating the hyperfine field.

    3) Fermi contact contribution:
    If you now let the child move closer to the center of the carousel holding the charged ball, you bring the electron inside the carousel or analogously inside the nucleus, meaning you could measure the Fermi contact contribution.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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