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    Sandrien Scholiers

    There are three contributions to the magnetic hyperfine field.

    1) The orbital contribution to the hyperfine field can be modelled by a child sitting at the outermost edge of the carrousel holding the electrically charged ball. Because a charge is orbiting, a magnetic field is generated. A magnetometer could measure the contribution to magnetic field due to orbital effects at the center of the carrousel.

    2) The bar magnet can be held by the child to be model the spin-dipolar contribution, because the spin of an electron can be pictured as a small bar magnet. This contribution can also be measured by the magnetometer at the center of the carrousel.

    3) You could measure the Fermi contact contribution by putting the electrically charged ball at the center of the carrousel (inside the nucleus).

    If there were two electrically charged balls, all of these contributions could be measured at the same time.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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