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    Art Willems

    First of all, we recall that the total hyperfine field operator is given by the B_dip + B_orb + B_fermi, where B_dip stands for the magnetic dipole contribution, B_fermi stand for the contribution of an electron scraping the nucleus and B_orb stands for the hyperfine field from the orbital motion of the electron.

    Imagine we have a child riding on a carrousel.You stand at the center, the part that does not move, with a magnetometer, to measure. To represent B_orb, we give the child a charged ball and let them ride the carrousel. To make them represent the magnetic dipole contribution, let them have a bar magnet while riding the carrousel. The Fermi contribution is harder to realize, but possible if we allow the cart the child is sitting in to come very close to the center.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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