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    “The recoil energy can be overcome by putting the source on a fast train, that moves at the speed of sound towards the scatterer.” Describe the practical difficulties you would run into, if you would want to set up a resonant scattering experiment in that way. Can you think about ways to make such an experiment nevertheless practically feasible? Put your ideas in the forum, and comment on the suggestions left there by your colleagues:

    1. The speed of sound is fast. Very fast. It is not easy to make it so that a source of radiation goes at this speed (e.g. look at the x-ray anode source in a XPS, you would need to move an entire BIG part of the setup at this speed and more important, you’d need to be able to stop it as well).

    2. You could use heat, but that’d destroy the purpose of using the speedy gonzalez way to get the resonant scattering.

    For me, the main solution is using very very low frequency fotons and materials that fit this to demonstrate the effect, since this way your needed can be decreased.
    Elsewise a fast rotating system seems the most feasable, where after a while you’d shoot the photon beam out of a small hole.

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