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    First of all, one must assume, whether the observation of the slit being chosen by the electron, does the entire quantum system collaps.

    Taking this assumption, one should observe a double-striped pattern on the screen, exactly in places, where the slits are.

    Procedure is as follows:

    |PSI> = 1/sqrt(2)|SLIT 1> + 1/sqrt(2)|SLIT 2>

    Measurement disturbs the system so, projecting one possible state onto the wave function yields, taking into account that states |SLIT 1>, |SLIT 2> are orthonormal, so <SLIT i|SLIT j> = \delta_{ij}:

    <SLIT 1|PSI> = 1/sqrt(2)<SLIT 1|SLIT 1> = 1/sqrt(2)
    <SLIT 2|PSI> = 1/sqrt(2)<SLIT 2|SLIT 2> = 1/sqrt(2)

    probability is module squared

    (<SLIT 1|PSI>)^2 = 1/2
    (<SLIT 2|PSI>)^2 = 1/2

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