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    Hello everybody,

    My name is Dragos Nichita, I am a PhD student at the Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania. I also work as doctoral research assistant at Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI-NP) based in the city of Magurele, near Bucharest, this being the location from where I take this course. You should visit ELI-NP as it is a new facility under development that features two useful equipment for nuclear physics experiments such as: two 10 PW laser arms (which is the most powerful laser in the world at present) and a high brilliance gamma beam with a customized energy going up to 19 MeV and a narrow bandwidth to hit a specific nuclear excitation level. Near our institute, you can go to Bucharest which is the capital city of Romania and has a really nice set of tourist attractions ranging from the 2nd biggest building in the world after the Pentagon to one of the most active nightlife in the city center.
    My educational background is in cybernetics (bachelor) and nuclear physics (master). Now I am investigating the neutron-rich exotic nuclei for my PhD thesis subject and this investigation is related also to a project developing here at ELI, which is called ELI-IGISOL and it is a new gas cell type coupled with an MR-TOF detection system and hopefully a collinear laser spectroscopy line. My main goal with this course is to learn as much as possible about the details of hyperfine interactions and use it to future experiments such as our planned collinear laser spectroscopy line.

    Good luck to everybody!

    Best regards,

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