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    Brent Van Neste

    One of the practical difficulties might be the fact that a “train” will not reach the required speeds (for example 319 m/s) instantly. It would take a more complicated setup to make sure only photons, emitted by the source which is going at exactly the right speed, arrive at the scatterer.
    Another problem is the fact that the emitted photons have to arrive at the scatterer. This is hard if the source is going fast on a “train”. If the distance between the two is too large, you will receive too few photons at the scatterer to do the experiment. Also, because of the speed of the train, the source is only close to the scatterer for a very short time, so you do not have a lot of time to record the intensity.

    To make this kind of experiment feasible, maybe the “track” of the train could be made in a circle, so that the distance between the source and scatterer is “not too big”. However, as the blueshift due to the speed is for photons going in the direction of the speed, we would need to move the scatterer to the “edge” of the track, so the source only turns away just before reaching it.
    A kind of shutter could be installed on the source, to prevent the source of irradiating the scatterer with photons when the source is not at the desired speed.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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