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    Johanna Waltenspiel

    The experimental procedure would be quite simple, the hyperfine coupling constant a would be measured for both isotopes. From the video, we know that
    a= mu B_J / (I J).

    With a_1, a_2 measured and I_1, I_2 and mu_1 given, we only need expressions for B_J and J.
    I will make the assumption that J and B_J which only depend on the electron cloud will not change if we add neutrons to the nucleus (which is the only difference in isotopes). (J_1=J_2, B_J1=B_J2)

    This means that having measured a_1 and a_2, a simple calculation will lead to mu_2:

    mu_2= mu_1 I_2 a_2/(I_1 a_1)

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