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    On the website tabulation, we can see that the magnetic moment of the 111Cd is:
    0.5958 for the ground state, and a spin of 1/2
    -0.766 for the 245keV state , and a spin of 5/2

    Using the formulism, we can calculate g as:
    We obtain for the ground level a g factor of 2.35E26, and a g factor of -6.067E25 for the 245keV level.

    I’m not sure if this results are correct, because the mu in the tabulation is given in nm instead of J/T, but I couldn0t figure out if this can be a source of error.


    We can write the g factor of the electron as:

    We know S for the electron is 1/2*hbar, so we can calculate g, that results in a value of 2.0028


    The magnetic moment of the neutron can be written as:

    We know that for the neutron, I=1/2*hbar, so we can calculate mu, obtaining a value of -9.66E-27 J/T.

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