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    Bruno S.

    1)a) In the tabulation of nuclear moments sheet we find the nuclear spin and magnetic dipole moment of 111Cd for the ground-state and the first excited state:
    I(gs) = 1/2+
    μ(gs) = -0.5948861
    I(exc) = 5/2+
    μ(exc) = -0.766

    We compute the g-factors using g = μ/I and find:
    g(gs) = -1.1897722
    g(exc) = -0.3064

    1)b) The free electron has a magnetic dipole moment μ = 1mμB. The g-factor is then equal to 2

    1)c) The free neutron has a g-factor of g = -3.826. The dipole magnetic moment is then equal to -1.913

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