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    a) For the ground level of 111Cd we have g_I=hbar*mu/(I*mu_N), we can see I=1/2 and mu=-0.595 J/T. hbar and mu_N are known constants, so that we get g_I=-2.47*10^(-8). For the 245keV level we find mu=-0.766 J/T and I=5/2, so that g_I=-6.37*10^(-9).

    b) mu=gI so that for an electron g=mu/I-mu/S=mu/(1/2)=2mu_B=1.85*10^(-23) J/T.

    c) Neutron has spin 1/2, so that gI=mu=-3.826*(1/2)=1.913.

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