g factor from EPR

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    First of all, you should set a known crystal orientation of the sample in the magnet.

    Then, irradiate the sample with microwave, and variate the magnetic field until we see in the screen the EPR peaks. With the peaks obtained, a g factor of the corresponding crystal orientation can be calculated.

    Next step is to rotate the sample a known degree, to achieve new crystal orientation, and repeat the process of measuring and calculating the g factor.

    This last step is done as many times as you want, rotating the sample from 0º to 90º, so a g factor graphic as a function of the rotation degrees can be finally build up.

    The same procedure can be done using different rotational axis, leading to a new curve. At the end, we can obtain a graph of g factor as a function of degree rotation, with several curves corresponding to different rotations of the sample.

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