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    Kirill Danilov

    1a) -0.595 mu_N for Cd111 ground level which has spin 1/2, and -0.766 mu_N for Cd11 at 245 keV with spin 5/2. Dividing the former by the latter produces the g factors -1.190 and -0.306.

    1b) The free electron has only spin, as its L = 0, S = 1/2 and J = S. g_s is approximately 2 to be consistent between the magnetic moment operator and the electron spin magnetic projection operator.

    1c) The nuclear spin of a free neutron is also 1/2, and so its magnetic moment must evaluate as 1/2 times g_n times the nuclear magneton mu_N. The result follows that the magnetic moment of the neutron must be -3.826/2 = -1.913 mu_N.

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