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    Hi! My name is Sofie Verschraegen, a master student Materials Engineering at Ghent University, Belgium. Ghent is a lovely place to study because it is a unique combination of historical buildings and a vibrant student city.
    This year, I’m working on my thesis on sol-gel synthesis of silica. I will be using the experimental technique NMR, this is the initial reason why I chose this course. Furthermore, I’ve always liked physics, and as there are not many obligatory physics courses in my master’s programme, I looked forward to this course. I think it will provide me with fundamental knowledge on experimental techniques based on the nucleus, and this knowledge will come in handy in (future) research.

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    Hi Sofie

    I’m replying to you because I was thinking to maybe get an engineering degree after my physics degree. But I still got a long way to go (best case scenario, one year and a half). For now, I just take some courses which are also recommended for engineering students in applied physics. Good luck on your thesis!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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