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    My name is Guillermo Duran-Solares , I’m from Mexico but I live in Göttingen, Germany. I am doing my PhD in Chemistry.

    Göttingen is in the middle of Germnay (Nidersachsen), is a student city and is called “the city of the knowlege”. Here, many “important” people and Nobel Prizes lived and worked by the Universty of university, for example: the matemathician Gauss, the chemists Friedrich Wöhler and Walther Hermann Nernst, the physic Max Planck, etcetera.

    I always wanted to learn and understand the hyperfine interaction, because with these phenomena is possible to characterize and study the new compounds I synthesize in the lab. I know how to use the machines for NMR or EPR but I need to understand deeply the phenomena behind of them. I think this course will help me to understand this phenomena.

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    Great – always nice to have people on board who know a technique hands-on.

    One hint for when you will have finished part A and the first topic of part B: feel free to make a demo video on your own EPR or NMR experiments, where you explain what happens using the language of this course. This would be very useful optional material to add to the course, making the bridge between the concepts and the daily experimental practice.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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