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    Hello everyone! My name is Yevhen. I was born in Ukraine and now I’m a Ph.D student who does his scientific research in Carles University in Prague.
    I like Prague but at the same time I like my origin city. It’s a capital of Ukraine, it’s Kiev. So I’ll tell you about both of them:)
    If you want to visit Kiev be ready to cheap price for everything, except flat) during international events, like Eurovision or football match and so on. Kiev is a beautiful city where you can see contrast between ald architecture and modern, see caves where still live monks or if you like a shopping you can visit one from the Top 20 of most expensive shopping streets in Europe) If you prefer night time, you can visit many places for different preference
    If you visit Prague, be ready to test hundreds of different types of beer that is cheaper than water) This city has beautiful old architecture and it’s the most popular city from the tourists. The most unusual excursion that you can buy here is the tour leading by a bum) So you can find anything that to get many positive, or if you prefer – negative, emotions in both of these cities.

    I finished Kiev polytechnical institute at speciality of micro and nanoelectronics, fineshed Ph.D in Kiev with the topic Impact of flexoelectricity and surface screamin at functional properties of ferroics and then become Ph.D in Prague.

    I want to catch physical reason of some effects that appear in materials.

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