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    Carlos M Fajardo Z

    -My name (almost)
    Carlos M Fajardo Z.
    -The city and country from where I take this course
    Leuven, Belgium (Although I’m from a different continent).
    -One reason why you should visit my city at least once in your life
    This year is among one of the best European destinies.
    -My background
    I did a bachelor in physical engineering for 5 years (the standard time in my country). This means that although I have experience in applied physics and programming, I lack some topics (and the mathematical rigurosity) that a bachelor in physics have. I have made some projects in differents areas of physics but not enough to be totally into them, so that I’m more a jack of all trades, master of none. I want to finally decide for one area and do my major in nuclear physics (the main reason why I’m seeing this course is precisely to complement this formation).
    -This is what I expect from this course
    Understand a new subarea of nuclear physics, so that I could make a better choice for my master thesis.
    -This is the longer term goal in my life to which I expect this course will contribute
    To be part of my bases for data analysis (once I finish my academic training and become a researcher).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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