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    Hi, I’m Jorge, a Nuclear Physics PhD student at the University of Liverpool (UK). You should definitely visit Liverpool at some point, since it is a fabulous city, full of history and a quite vibrant nightlife.

    Hyperfine structure is of interest to me because of its relevance in my field of study, in particular, in laser spectroscopy. This is my first online-only course, so I expect it to be a novel experience that will open the doors to a new way of learning for me.

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    Hi Jorge,

    Nice to meet you. I have two work colleagues related to University of Liverpool, one is a post-doc now here at ELI-NP and the other is a PhD student in her 2nd, taking the next 2 years here; maybe you even know each others, her name is Fan. (I will ask her tomorrow).
    I am also interested in the laser spectroscopy.
    Good lock and hope we will team up to discuss and better understand the topics.
    See you around.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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