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    Carlos M Fajardo Z

    The magnetic moment of the ground state of 111Cd is -0.5940 nm, while its spin is 1/2. Since g=\mu/I, the g-factor is -1.188.

    The free electron g factor can be expressed as g = (\mu/\mu_B) / (S/\hbar). Since S = m_s\hbar and \mu = m\mu_B, g = 10^{-3}/0.5 = 0.02.

    For the neutron we can no longer use the Bohr magneton but the whole expression in terms of the mass of the neutron. \mu = -g (e\hbar / 2m_n) (S/\hbar). Rearranging this expression, we get that g is = 54.345m\mu_B.

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