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    My name is Andrei, I’m from Ploiesti,Romania but I’m working atm in INCDFM-Magurele as Assistant Researcher and living in Bucharest.
    I’ve started studying Applied Sciene in University Politehnica of Bucharest in 2014,in the Engineering Physics section and now I’m working on my Master’s degree in IALA (Lasers and Particle Accelerators for Engineering and Applications) based on the european project ELI-NP(Extreme Light Infrastructure Nuclear-Physics).
    I personally want from this course to teach me some general understanding of different interactions in Mossbauer Spectroscopy.
    One reason why you should visit my city-Bucharest? Google the Palace of Parliament and you will see how many stories are behind it.(It has a Nuclear bunker too).

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    My grandfother was from Romania! My surname is Stefanescu, I guess it is a common name in your countrie!

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