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    2)Belgium, Leuven & Caen, France
    3)The city of Leuven is rich with historical buildings and architecture worth to see. As well the strong university presence makes it very youthful. City of Caen is amazing as well from historical point of view that dates back even to 11th century. It also is a place where one of the most tragic fights during WWII took place which is important.
    4)I am a PhD student at KU Leuven, Faculty of Science, Nuclear Spectroscopy group. I finished my high school in Riga, Latvia, which is where I come from, in mathematics and physics major. Then I moved to Germany for my bachelor and masters studies. I studied Engineering Physics during both BA and Ms studies and majored in Lasers and Optics. During my masters internship and thesis research time I worked at TRIUMF (Vancouver, BC, Can) laboratory, where I developed small scale laser ion source for atom ionization and detection (emphasis on developed – the experiment was created from technical drawing down to results). This was the point when I moved from conventional spectroscopy into mass spectroscopy area. And I have kept that same direction over in my PhD research here at KU Leuven and GANIL (Caen, FR), where my goal is to develop a new online experiment for the goal of production of high resolution spectroscopy setup for exotic heavy nuclei ion detection (yet another laser ion source).
    My meantime interests are analog photography and music (mostly a fan, but I as well do a weekly “radio” show).
    5)I expect a good revision from this course of the things that I already know & a better understanding of more unclear things by means of more conceptional than mathematical explanations.
    6)My goal for now is to successfully finish my PhD research and defend my thesis. For now the further goal is yet unclear.

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