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    My name is Pawel Butkiewicz. I am a PhD student of physics on University of Bialystok in Poland. You should visit my city becaose it is the home of Esperanto language. I study a properties of multiferroic materials and mossbauer spectrosopy is very important part of these investigations. I expect from this course that i will understand the physics of hyperfine interactions. I hope that this course will contribute to my modeling and discovery of new multiferroins with unprecedented properties.

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    Great to see someone from Bialystok. I’ve heard the name so often, yet never have been there. I speak Esperanto fluently, and was quite active in that community a few decades ago. Still have friends left of that period, with Esperanto as our common language.

    Do you speak Esperanto yourself?

    Best regards,

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    Unfortunately, I don’t speak Esperanto. I came to Białystok to study from Suwałki near the Lithuanian border of Poland, I do not have very strong ties with this city, but I know a bit about the history of this place and from this point of view, giving Esperanto as something distinguishing Białystok seemed the most appropriate. Ludwik Zamenhof was born here – the inventor of the language, there are many places devoted to him and Esperanto.

    It’s nice to know that someone from Belgium has heard of Białystok, especially that a teacher as good as you have heard about it. I am grateful to be able to attend the course you have created.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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