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    In a nuclear resonant scattering experiment the x-rays produced in a synchrotron reactor are used for spectroscopy of a material. Hyperfine interaction split nuclear levels the atoms in the material. We can tune the frequency of the x-rays very precisely, to exactly the hyperfine splitting. From the reemitted x-rays, it is possible to get information about the material. Measurements of the energy spectrum of the outcoming energy (photons emitted when excited system goes back to lower state), can be Fourier transformed to give information in the time domain. Thanks to the very precise x-rays it is possible to get very precise information about the structure. It is very depth sensitive, so it is possible to get a perfect location for everything measured. Furthermore, the spectrum goes from very monochromatic to very complex depending on the orientation of the magnetic moment in relation to the x-rays meaning it is possible to get very precise measurements of spin from this.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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