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    Nuclear resonant scattering, abbreviated to NRS, is a type of scattering experiment related to Mössbauer spectroscopy. These experiments are carried out at synchrotron radiation facilities, making use of an exceptionally high brilliance and specific radiation frequencie. NRS can be viewed as hyperfine spectroscopy in the time domain. To see this, look at it the following way: an intensity pattern in function of time instead of an energy spectrum. The first stage of NRS is performed by exciting the nuclear hyperfine levels of an atom-electron system by a short pulse of radiation. In this situation, the bandwidth is chosen in a way that every hyperfine level is excited simultaneously. The second stage is the de-excitation of these energy levels back to the ground state. Hereby they release radiation at slightly different frequencies. The emitted energy quanta from the very close energy levels will interfere, creating a beat pattern. In the temporal evolution of the intensity, a quantized pattern is observed, along with distinct peaks and valleys. Analysis of the time spectrum that is created in this way allows to measure hyperfine magnetic field, quadrupole splitting and isomeric shift and the hyperfine field uses the radiation time dependence.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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