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    The Nuclear Resonance Scattering (NRS) technique studies the hyperfine interaction parameters of a nuclei. It is a synchrotron-based technique which exploits the synchrotron radiations ability to effectively perform a Fourier transform from the energy domain to the time domain.
    Consider a suitable sample. Synchrotron radiation is then used to excite its hyperfine levels. Due to the short interval between incoming pulses (50-100 ps) all possible transition will be excited by the incoming synchrotron radiation.
    Afterwards the sample deexcites again to an initial state. Since all transitions were excited, a coherent decay occurs. These various waves will then interfere with each other causing a beat pattern to form on its time domain. This interference describes the relative differences between the various hyperfine levels and as such studying the beat pattern would allow for determination of the hyperfine interaction parameters.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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