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    Nuclear Resonant Scattering

    Nuclear resonant scattering of synchrotron radiation (NRS) – is a Mossbauer spectroscopy that works in a time domain. The Mossbauer spectroscopy it a very sensitive technique, which by absorption of gamma – radiation allows studying hyper-fine splitting in materials probing all magnetic and electric fields inside it. The resolution of this technique is in range of nano-eV. This technique is an outstanding in fundamental material research.

    Principle of working

    Principle of this technique is very similar to the traditional Mossbauer technique, where the system is excited by the monochromatic radiation of the radioactive source which is Doppler tuned in order to measure the absorption spectrum around the nuclear resonance. The radiation from the radioactive source is emitted constantly, while in nuclear resonant scattering is not. It is emitted by the synchrotron and it comes by pulses with the duration of 50-100ps. Because of the fact that the photons emitted by synchrotron have energy of about 14keV and the bandwidth is about 1eV, all available transitions excites simultaneously.

    The excited sample during the decay from excited states emits quanta from slightly different energy levels and as a basic result a temporal quanta-bit pattern can be observed. By numerically applied Furrier transformation on this time spectrum the frequencies of all of the transitions are obtained, which give the information about the hyper-fine splitting in the tested material.

    Features of NRS

    This technique has many important features which makes it widely used in man studies.

    • very sensitive for the direction of the magnetization with respect to the polarization vector of the incoming radiation,

    • UHV compatible (it allows studying very thin films),

    • isotropic sensitive,

    • sensitive due to orientation of synchrotron radiation,

    • sensitive due to the magnetic fluctuations.


    “Nuclear resonant scattering of synchrotron radiation: applications in magnetism of layered structures” by Schlage and Röhlsberger

    Conference talk about NRS method by Tomasz Slezak

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