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    My list:
    The nucleus is held together by the strong force. From an isotope, you can get the mass of the nucleus, the number of protons and neutrons, whether the nucleus is stable or not, and the charge of the nucleus.

    The properties of the nucleus, in total, are: the number of protons (Z) and neutrons, the mass of the nucleus (A), the deformation parameter, the stability, the lifetime of the nucleus, the charge (eZ), the spin (I), the parity (π), the energy (E), the mean square radius, the magnetic dipole moment, and the electric quadrupole moment. As for the spread for the values, the charge ranges from 1e to around 100e. The mass ranges from around 1 amu to 300 amu. The spin has values from 0 ℏ to around 10 ℏ. The parity is either + or -. The energy ranges from 0 MeV to around 1000 MeV. The life-time ranges from femtoseconds to 10^10 years or even longer. The mean square radius has values ranging from approximately 1 to 6 fm. The magnetic dipole moment ranges from around 0 µ_N to ±10 µ_N. Finally, the electric quadrupole moment ranges from around 0 b to ±5 b.

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