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    The hyperfine splitting splits the energy levels of the nucleus in function of the z-component of the spin of this nucleus (all spin states get a slightly shifted energy). However the nucleus also has an energy shift due to the external magnetic field, magnetic moments parallel to this field have a lower energy than magnetic moments anti-parallel to this field. When the effective hyperfine field is oriented in the same direction as the external field the nucleus thus has double lower energy in the direction along the magnetic field meaning the background anisotropy will change even more and the peak at the resonance will be even larger. If we now turn the external magnetic field of the splitting of the levels, only due to the hyperfine field, would result in a deeper peak if the hyperfine field was anti-parallel to the external field (thus negative) and was working against it to decrease the effective field felt by the nucleus and so the splitting, but would become less deep if the hyperfine field was positive.

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