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    I did not encounter a lot of these things mentioned in the videos in previous courses, so I have no clue how this works. But I’ll try.

    Looking at Fe-I first. I see that the axis connecting the Fe-I with Fe-II at the bottom or top is a 2-fold (I think?) axis system. The axis between Fe-I and Fe-IIa is six-fold (? I’m assuming there are also neighbouring atoms of the crystal which we have to take into account). The axis connecting two Fe-I is a two-fold rotation axis. Hence theorem 1, second bullet point, applies for this site: a 3-fold or more rotation axis is the z-axis of the PAS and eta = 0.

    Now for Fe-II, both a and b have the same discussion. The axis with Fe-I is four-fold. The axis with N is two-fold. The axis with Fe-IIb is two-fold. So same conclusion as previous paragraph.

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