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    I am Manon
    I am taking this course in Ghent, and I’m from Belgium
    City of lights! And good beer.
    Currently I study physics (and astronomy, but that’s not where I’m interested in). For hobby, I’m active in the student organization WiNA (for Ghent University students of informatics, mathematics and of course physics).
    I expect to learn a bit more about all possible atomic interactions resulting in changes of the atomic spectrum. Also to learn a bit about how we measure these things instead of just taking it for granted without really thinking about how we ever got to prove our calculations.
    Maybe lead me to the subject I’m interested in? Because now I only know I don’t want to continue in astronomy (because I don’t really care about what’s happening over there, or not on a professional level anyways) or theoretical physics (because the pressure is way to hard).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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