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    It there at one’s disposal stand:

    a carousel,
    a child,
    a bar magnet,
    an electrically charged ball,
    and a magnetometer, bar magnet can imitate an orbitting electron.

    If the carousel is spinning, the bar magnet should be put at its perimeter.

    The charged ball in the center of a carousel is being held by a child. It resembles now an atomic nucleus.

    Child may grasp for the bar magnet, then the screening of the positive and negative charges will take place.
    This situation (electron in nucleus) is expressed by the Fermi contact contribution (B_{Fermi}).

    Spinning magnet creates current loop (B_{orb}). Electron as bar magnet contributes for the spring dipolar field (B_{dip}).

    Where the child stands, there should be also put the magnetometer to measure the total sum of enlisted phenomena.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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