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    my name or username: Uladzislaw E. Gumiennik / Mr_Gumik
    the city and country from where I take this course: Kraków, Poland
    one reason why you should visit my city at least once in your life: Kraków – best city in East Europe
    my background (education, job, interests,…): Researcher at Institute for Nuclear Problems, PhD Student at AGH University of Science and Technology and Belarusian State University
    this is what I expect from this course: improve and systematic knowledge in atomic physics
    this is the longer term goal in my life to which I expect this course will contribute: use acquired skills and knowledge in my doctoral thesis


    I would love to visit Krakow at some point, would you have any recommendations to go? 😉
    How did actually find this course, I would think it can be quite interesting to find courses from other institutes?

    Kind regards

    Jef Morlion


    I have once been to Krakow, it is indeed a very nice city and I hope to be able to visit it again sometime.

    Best regards

    Jeroen Neyns

    I have never been to Eastern Europe so thank you for the suggestion!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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