orientation of a nuclear ensemble

Some experimental methods exploit properties of a collection of nuclei, rather than properties of just one nucleus. We’ll examine the concept ‘orientation of an ensemble of nuclei’ as such a collective property. This will introduce you to soccer balls, rugby balls, pears and pan cakes as the major types of orientation (yes, you did not misread):

The task for this video is: search for each of the four major types of orientation (1) the necessary and sufficient symmetry elements of a macroscopic object that has the same symmetry as that type of orientation, and (2) an example of a well-known object that has that symmetry (e.g. a simple stick as an example of an aligned ensemble). Put these in one single pdf file (typed or hand-written), preferably compress it, and upload it as pdf file (not zipped, not tarred,…) via the ‘quiz’ button underneath:

Expected time: 25 minutes (report)