reading task NMR/NQR

On this page, you find two assignments related to NMR and NQR. One contains a research paper making use of NMR, the other contains a paper about NQR that is meant for a broad audience. Read one of them (the choice is up to you), and answer for the paper of your choice on one of these questions:

The paper by Chen et al. (2008) is a nice illustration of site identification at the atomic scale, using NMR. Describe what they have achieved, as well as how they deduced their conclusion from the available experimental data (1/2 page). (the provided link may require institutional access)

The NQR paper uses a more popular way to convey its message. Try to relate as often as you can their explanations about the quadrupole interaction and the NQR method to what you have learned earlier in this course. Write down your impressions (or doubts/questions) as you go through the paper (1/2 page).

You can put your answer to these questions in the form underneath. 

Expected time: 45 minutes (report)