train forums

This page does not belong to the course content as such. This is a space where you can familiarize yourself with the use of forums in this course. Underneath, you find two forums that are there only for training purposes. You may go through this list of tasks to familiarize yourself with these forums:

1. normal forum

Take the first forum underneath. Note that the forum is in a frame with its own scrollbar: you can scroll to the forum and click on hyperlinks within that frame, without changing your position on the course site.

  • you see the available posts in this forum. Scroll through them, and click one to read. Use the back button of your browser or the breadcrumbs …> Forums > blablabla… to go back to the overview.
  • in the overview window, scroll until you see ‘create new topic in…’
  • click in the ‘topic title’ field and write something there (this will become the title of your contribution to the forum)
  • write random text in the body of the contribution. There are buttons for bold/italic text, hyperlinks, lists, …
  • (‘topic tags’ are probably not useful here, leave it blank)
  • if you want to receive an email when somebody replies to your post, then check the ‘notify me…’ box. Be informed that this can generate a lot of mails for many years, if you do this (too) often. You can always uncheck this later.
  • click the submit button to … submit your post, yes.
  • you see a new screen with your submitted post, and with fields underneath to reply to your own post (you will usually not want to reply to yourself, though).
  • scroll to to the top, and search the line …> Forums > blablabla (train use of forum). The last part of the string is the forum to which you have submitted this post. Click on it, and you end up in the overview of all post on this forum.
  • you can now write another post to the same forum, or you can click on any of the avalailble posts to read it. If you want to reply to one of them, you find the reply fields under the post.

2. ‘post first’ forum

Take the second forum underneath. A ‘post first’ forum is identical to a regular forum, except that you cannot read the content of the forum before you have submitted at least one post to the forum. A warning bar on top informs you about this. After having submitted your first post, it behaves exactly as a regular forum.