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    Ines Almeida

    1. For the ground state 111Cd, μ=-0.5948861(8) nm and I=1/2.
    For 245 keV, μ=-0.766(3) nm and I=5/2.

    μN=7.622593285(47) MHz/T (per h)

    g=μħ/μNI=-0.595*2π/(7.62*1/2)=-0.981 for the ground state.

    g=μħ/μNI=-0.766*2π/(7.62*5/2)=-0.253 for 245 keV.

    2. μ=gμBS/ħ for the free electron. μB=1/2 in natural units.

    g=1ħ/SμB=1/((1/2)*2)=1 -> this disagrees with the results from QED

    3. μ=gμNI/ħ=-3.826*7.623*(1/2)/(2π)=-2.321 nm

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