from VIP1 to VIP2

The physics of hyperfine interactions can be summarized in one picture, which we baptized the “Very Important Picture nr. 1” (or VIP1) in hyperfinecourse A. If there is anything from hyperfinecourse A worth remembering for all of your life, it’s VIP1. In the same way, there will be a “Very Important Picture nr. 2” (or VIP2) that is a roadmap for hyperfinecourse B — experimental methods based on hyperfine interactions, summarized in one image.

In this video, you’ll construct VIP2. The video will stop at several moments to ask you a short question. Please fill out your answer to each question in the Google form under the video. When you proceed with the video, the correct answer will be given. (It would be easy to ‘cheat’, but you don’t win anything by cheating. I’m interested in what you really think, so please fill out and submit your answer before proceeding with the next part of the video.)

Expected time: 40 minutes (report)