multipole moments

There are two tasks related to this video:

1. Find one example (in daily life or in science) where multipole moments of any kind play a role. Write down that example in the forum underneath. Comment on the examples of your colleagues if you feel like.

2. You saw a few classical charge distributions in the video (a copy is here). For the left two of them, calculate the monopole, dipole and quadrupole moments. Write your answer in a pdf file (typed or handwritten), and upload it via the ‘quiz’ button at then end. If you don’t know at all how to start, these 12 minutes of extra hints/explanations might be useful (optional video). If you feel like, you may attempt the third charge distribution as well (right-hand side of the picture), although that involves some math that is not the focus of this course.

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multipole moments

Expected time: 60 minutes (report)